Monday, August 29, 2011

A while ago, I forgot to mention...

... A lovely feature in the City News magazine, based here in Canberra. Well, it was back in March, and life got so busy that I never did mention it here at all! Silly, as these are incredibly lovely shots of my home, by City News photographer Silas (yes, he's one of those people who only need one name!).
 Written by Kathryn Vukovljak...
MY husband has no interest in decorating – he doesn’t see what the big deal is,” says Lisa Barrett, stay-at-home-mum and the creative mind behind handmade “home and wardrobe” accessories label Tango & James.
“It’s okay though, because this way I get to do what I want; I get my own say all the time!”
Lisa’s creative craftiness is evident throughout her colourful, quirky home, especially in her home-made art, re-upholstered chairs and bold curtains in fabric she designed herself, and a hand-painted monochrome chevron rug.
“I don’t spend lots of money on my home, and if I can make something myself, I will,” she says. “I’ve always been creative. I get bored if I’m not making something.
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Lisa-9912 Lisa-9899Lisa Barrett… “I don’t spend lots of money on my home, and if I can make something myself, I will.” Photos by Silas
and there's little ole me in the playroom... poser!
Luckily, the whole article is online here, so have a read if you're keen!

Friday, August 26, 2011

What's on my walls...

A client recently visited my home and made mention of the great impression that the art on my walls gives, I guess it may come as a surprise that most of it is inexpensive or DIY. It's ever changing and evolving, here's a little right-now tour...

Above Left: On the side of the kitchen facing the dining table we have the menu black board sticker, and above a row of bookmarks from the Canning Stock Route exhibition of glorious Aboriginal art. Above Right: The much cyber-acclaimed "Love It" painting, my own, inspired by a Kikki K gift card! Also on the wall, a curtain wire system from Ikea which I arranged into an 'S' shape for the kids art and a few bits.

 Above: In my study/studio/creative dervish, this is a collection of inspirational images torn from magazines (and can you spot the inspiration for the "love it" painting?!). Applied to 2 large canvases which are hung side by side creating a whole wall of inspiration.

Above: "One Bad Apple" can you spot the solo apple swinging it's own way? I created this large piece by individually cutting out 120 apple shapes (traced from an MDF shape from Bunnings) from a selection of materials which include printed and plain felts and scrapbooking papers and fabric offcuts. These were glued onto a BIG painted canvas, and (DIY framed with pine). the whole thing is about 1.2m across and makes quite a fun impact in our playroom.

Also in the family room, above left, is a cluster of random cuteness which includes some local artists, kids art, and gift cards by Schmooks. This then flows along to the dining room, right, with a large fabric covered canvas which ties back the reds from the apples, the green in the chairs and the blue in the adjoining lounge room (below).

 Above Left: A daggy bamboo coat rack got a colour shock with a coat of glossy yellow, It looks fabulous on an empty spot leading into our lounge room. Right: A row of framed gift cards, a handstitched garage sale find and a sarcastic "Keep Calm" canvas from Typo.

 ...and finally (for today at least), Above Left: A silhouette cuckoo clock from Typo and a huge ornate framed mirror (was a garish crap gold finish until I painted it with chalk board paint). Above right: the latest addition to our lounge room, a Winnie the Pooh quote which speaks volumes about all of the males I have ever lived with! It's from the Empressionista.
What does the art in your home say about you?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fabrics in fashion...

I've been working on a few recent pieces of clothing made using my fabric collection. The tshirts are baby-soft organic cotton, and are complimented by my T&J jewels...


And a project from a fabulous Spoonflower customer who purchased some of my Chevron Stripe in gold and white  to brighten her bedscape. Lovely!!
Thank you so much for sharing your project Jennifer!

Also just completed in my 'workshop' (family room!)... a motley assortment of mismatched and shredded dining chairs which have been getting a much needed re-deaux. I've stained one to match the rest, created new seat bases for most, and re-upholstered them all in the client's boho fabric choice...

Next week I hope to see work commencing on some pieces for the up-coming Handmade Market (on October 1st) which will see me with a fresh range of furniture and homewares with the Tango & James sassy signature looks! Stay tuned, xx

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Top selling T&J fabric designs...

On to something with a little more style... and we have the exciting news that my T&J fabric designs are now selling quite nicely on Spoonflower. Here's a look at my top selling designs...
Lots of aussie green and gold I see and some of my ultimate favourites! 
Check out the whole collection and shop your favourites at Spoonflower here.

If you are local to Canberra and there is something special you'd like made using these fabrics, drop me a line, I'd love to!

Friday, August 5, 2011

An open letter to an ugly chair

Dear Ugliest Chair In The World,

Your owner loves you dearly, just as you are. His wife wants to burn you or drop you out of the car on the parkway. Your fake leather paper-thin granny-skin fabric is flaking away, and I'm afraid it's time to die or be re-born. Of course we should save your 2 redeeming features so that your owner will still love you 1. you have some contoured padding, and 2. you rock and glide, so at least that's something going for you. Let's see what we can do so the wife will tolerate you...

Well that's an improvement, you look all grown up. But your bloke will still love you, after all, I added a TV remotes and beer holder.