Looking back at some great transformations

Here are just a few of the chairs I have been able to transform  over the last couple of years ...
All as an untrained DIY upholsterer, and (mostly) using my own fabric designs.

Before and after...




Do you have something which needs a transformation?


  1. Wow! these are sooo beautiful! Love your fabric choices!!

  2. Thank you Jen, I love that my customers love them too! xx

  3. Very nice design of your furniture
    This is the best reference sources that I was looking for
    I hope to get a lot of new ideas from you
    Thank you Furniture Jepara

  4. Hi there, I am embarking on a reupholstering of the Lunna chair as well. I was wondering if you replaced the foam insterts? If so, what did you use and what dimensions did you use? Thanks!


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