Custom work

Yes! We do custom work, you can ask me to work on a piece you want to re-love, or request something I have collected with your choice of print. Send me some pics of your chair or get in touch with your ideas and we can make something beautiful for you.

Here are some examples from the wide range of pieces which have been customised for my clients...

"Nanna's Vintage Armchair"
We see many of these in their original stained and daggy Nanna florals, the owners of this chair chose something completely contemporary to brighten it up and bring some fun into their space. 

"The Love Seat"
This 2 seat retro lounge was rescued by these clients, and the frame re-finished by them. They wanted to use a beautiful floral fabric they chose, which was unfortunately not suitable for upholstery. Instead, we selected to custom colour our hardy eco-canvas cloth in a vivid shade for a dose of fun, and the cushions were made using the floral they loved. 

A pair of classic daggy teachers chairs were freshly upholstered in this customer's own vintage fabric find, for an unforgettable transformation.

"Watercolour Stripe" chair. 
My client asked if he could have an armchair done for his wife, to have in their bedroom. I made some suggestions and this chair was chosen. Next he asked me to select fabric, I put together some ideas based on colours in the room and this print was selected. What a fabulous result!

After chatting with me at Handmade Market, this client sent me pics of her old chair and had already decided on the "Feathered Arrows" print which was ordered in. We replaced the foam, and with the new upholstery, the chair was beautifully completed. 

"Bentwood Beautiful"
The owners of this chair grabbed it from the Green Shed, seeing right past its hideous brown crazy-patchwork upholstery. They chose a sleek and modern geometry print in our luxe faux suede finish. LOVE it!!

"Gentleman's armchair"
This amazing piece was brought to me by it's owner in terrible condition, thankfully they could see it's beautiful potential. The client asked me to make fabric suggestions, wanting something quite masculine and "not too out there". My "Points" print in black and white was selected, as was a dark stain to refinish the frame. A fantastic save.

"Boudoir chair"
These cute little vintage bedroom chairs always come up a treat! This one was rescued by my client and she was looking for a really fun new look for it. She selected my "Chevron Stripe" print in royal blue, with hot pink velvet piping! So cute!

This client had a number of gorgeous armchairs to work on, which had been in her family for years. Now with her opportunity to make them special, she chose my "Hello" print in Hot Pink for this one, with mini pom pom trim for extra fun. Adore!

An old but super comfortable Ikea swivel chair was brought in by this client, she selected my "Chevron Stripe" print in black and white for its amazing transformation.

This very comfortable, but nanna floral tapestry upholstered number was brought in by my client who was hoping to bring it's look right up to date. She already loved our "Fanpods"print in Wasabi, we included piping trim and covered buttons to really sharpen the look.

This client was hoping for a set of 6 special dining chairs for her home. I suggested these, which I had collected, the backs were a damaged veneer finish so the decision to upholster seats and backs was a win. They were spectacularly upholstered in "Dalmatian" print.

This client was after a solution to save their existing dining chairs which were in desperate peeling leather. They went for a wonderfully bold choice to upholster them in 8 of my own designs, unified in black and white. An awesome statement!