2016 new custom work!

Some extremely lovely things are happening in the studio to start off another fabulous year at Tango & James. In the same week I acquired 2 armchairs in need of a re-vamp and 2 Primary School teachers in need of fabulous chairs for their classrooms! A match was made and they are now completed in their respective (T&J fave) "Summer Camp" print (By designer Domesticate), and custom picked purple "Hello" print! Super fun!

Then we had a gorgeous re-dressing of modern classic "Lineal" Armchairs. I love these, so it was extra hard to see them go, but when the customer loves them - and chooses to go bold with hot pink, how could I say no?! We added a seat pad with washable covers, which can be swapped between the chairs to mix it up, and we added lurrrrverly faux rabbit fur lumbar cushions for some pretty texture.

 Next we have some gorgeous retro inspired pieces to add some fab pops of colour to a cool split level retro minimal home. This was a very happy make-over for the chair, below. It was very sad in it's original granny/nursing home floral, and now looks incredible in my "Points" print in Wasabi and white. Love love love! Going to the same home we have a rather cool lamp which was all in white, my Mod Squares print in Fleur Blue was chosen to give it a happy modern look. Perfect!

And finally, a lovely large lampshade was re-built to a custom size, and I used the customer's supplied Kauffman print linen to cover the piece. Looks amazing even though it's not my usual style - I love how it turned out! 

The customer is always right, and I really LOVE my clients who are brave and bold enough to choose something out of the box! It is always smile-making!!

I love what I do!!! Thank you, you magnificent people


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