Handmade Love...

Awww, I'm totally blushing at this amazing article penned by friend and author Tania McCartney on the Handmade Market blog. Awesome, thank you!!!

So, with the market only a week-and-a-half away, I've been busy making more jewellery, cushions, lamps and more to knock everyone's socks off!

Check out the Handmade Market on Sunday March 28th at a new glamour location, The Devine Function rooms at Kamberra Winery (near EPIC), and make sure you come and find me!

Now, there is also something else I've been working on, a most wonderful development for all of the fabulous Handmade designers of Canberra... a retail space in the city, Shop Handmade. Check out the inspiration for the decor here, it's going to be a slice of Handmade heaven!