Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More chair candy

As an early grey winter sets in around Canberra, I am brightening things up. There's never a need to be seen in tweed, these salvaged chairs are freshly resplendent in full colour, ready to love up a spot in your home!


Exciting times are afoot... stay tuned, as the next Handmade Market is swiftly approaching!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello: Feast Watson Re-Love project

Never mind, the divine Sophie Vine (of Dale-and-Sophie-from-the-block fame) was invited to take part, and chose my Hello Hot Pink fabric for her super cute phone table seat! I adore everything she did on The Block, and knew she'd do something amazing with it... check it out!...

 You can bid on all of the pieces right now on Ebay (and the postage is free!), with proceeds going back to the Salvation Army.

Perfect! Thank you Sophie, you've done a fabulous job!
And Feast Watson, next time... PICK ME TOO!!! Heh heh.

(All pictures via All That I Adore blog, by Sophie Vine)