Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spotted: Dining chairs

After patiently waiting, a lucky Canberran family are about to take home their new (re-loved) dining chairs, a set of 6 in total...
 Previously clad in chocolate brown whale cord on the seat, with splitting, broken veneer on the backrests, the client chose this fabulous black and white print - and don't they look AMAZING!!?

 Well I hope they do. Hours of hand stitching the backrests have left holes in my fingertips.

But by golly, looking at the finished pieces... it's totally worth it!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Bentwood rocking chair

Salvaged, re-upholstered, styled, photographed and finally, SOLD all within 24 hours!
It was originally wearing a revolting polyester corporate green fabric (weird!!) - see the before pic below. Now freshly upholstered with my Fanpods fabric in Peacock. Beautiful.
 It is a style made famous by designer, Thonet - the first appeared in 1860. I do not believe this is an authentic Thonet, however it is likely to have been produced in the late 60s - and is no less spectacular. And grateful for it's rescue!
Above: before and after

LOVE IT indeed!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Graffiti Armchair

I love the masculine proportions of this chair and was excited to discover this amazing graffiti collage fabric - a fabulous combination.
Perfect for the teenaged street art connoisseur - or for the grown man who never grew up!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to work: First pieces of 2013

The first piece completed this year... 
It's for a new mum-to-be in the nursery (awwww). 
It will be a perfect nursing chair, comfy for those loooong late nights!  She chose this gorgeous Deco Birds print on a classic retro Fred Lowen lounge chair - a perfect combination.


I also have a house FULL of projects ready to work on... 
and here's one finished and available for sale...
A beautiful large ottoman 60 x 80 x 46cmH re upholstered in a supersized Cornflower and white  print. I have had this piece of fabric for YEARS just waiting for the right piece for it... it's perfect - I adore this one. These pics don't quite do it justice either!

Stay tuned for more re-loved pieces this month, they will be GORGEOUS!