Saturday, June 16, 2012

A pint sized project

How adorable is this fabulous and tiny retro chair. It presented at first dressed in brown vinyl and orange striped boucle fabric - everything naff about the 70's. Top points for it's owner, local childrens and family photographer Hope Colpeland, for giving me free creative license with fabric choice. I chose Freestyle in black and white on Spoonflower, with a T&J designed 'Hello Yellow' feature cushion. So fun, and yet could also look formal. Versatile I think!

It's a big hit with my boys! Fabulous!
Do you have a piece you want to customise? I'm game if you are!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Handmade Market: awesome... again!

What a fabulous 2 days for a winter market. After a severely frozen Canberra morning (I broke my car ice scraper!) the day was clear and sunny, and at least indoors, it was perfectly warm! I had loads of gorgeous customers on both days taking home new treasures to love. 

Check out the CUTEST customers in the world who were trying out a chair!!... awwww! They were the lucky ones taking home the Union Jack ottoman!
With the cushions at centre front, lots of these went to new homes. The scribbly heart cushions, designed by my son Dylan were a huge hit, he is donating his 'royalties' to the Heart Foundation when he Jumps Rope For Heart this week awwwww!

Stock was thinned out and a few 'reserves brought in for day 2...
Thank you to all of my lovely customers and admirers (blushes)! If you missed out on the market, please check the Facebook Page for items still available, it might be just what you were after!