Friday, October 28, 2011

Frocktober Week 4: Hot and cold

It's been super Summer and cold this week, but luckily it looks like I have enough dresses to cope with these daily fluctuations to complete Frocktober in style! 
I've been busy helping to style a guy-friend's own Frocktober Challenge and touring our gorgeous city with my Ma and Pa.
So, now we only have a few more days until the end of October, it's time to make your donations before it's too late. Please remember that your donations go to Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to help to find an early detection test for this killer disease. Your support means a great deal to me, and much needed funds for OCRF and the great Frocktober efforts currently sweeping the country!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Designing my bathroom: Getting closer

A while ago I mentioned that we were planning a complete bathroom re-design. Now things are getting serious and the final selections have been made for a Main Bathroom renovation, a brand new Ensuite (squeezed out of wasted space) and a Main Bedroom overhaul, which will include a fabulous new wardrobe (woo hoo!).

So, keeping in mind that we are in a humble outer suburb of la Canberra here, we have kept our budget fairly modest, but with my trademark dose of cheeky fun... here's a little look at some of the things going in...

The Main Bathroom:
Featuring White Subway tiled walls, black hexagon with black grout floor, massive ornate op-shopped mirror, fabulous tapware, and vanity from Ikea. I'm also adding lots of extra much needed storage. I'm going for an urban hotel chic look in here, and will brighten all that black and white with some colourful towels.

The Ensuite:

It's just tiny in here, so I'm keeping it simple, featuring the same wall tile as the main, but with matt white hexagon tile on the floor, built-in mirror cabinet, more gorgeous tapware, tiny skinny vanity from Ikea, super lovely sheer curtain panel, and , because it's all white on white on white, I'll be adding some jewel coloured towels!

And, the new look Main Bedroom:
We're reversing this room and converting the 3 metre wardrobe into the bedhead niche, and using the opposite long wall to create a 4 metre wardrobe and shoe display! So, with a long white wardrobe, white bed linen and white sheers, I want to add drama with moody dark grey walls, then add pops of gorgeous colour, including some of my own fabric designs as bed pillows, plus the orange hexagon fabric as curtain panels = love!

 Demolition begins in a month, and I'm desperately impatient to show you the finished results!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Frocktober: Week 3

Frocktober continues this week with a couple of new frocks, lots of colour, exhaustion and gorgeous Canberra sunshine...

In the home stretch now with 10 more days left of my Focktober Challenge (to wear a different frock every day this month to raise sponsorship for Ovarian Cancer research). 

My jeans are pining for me, badly, so please, if ever encouragement was needed it's NOW!!! Please make your donation and lets see if we can smash my fundraising goal!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inspired By: Kate Spade

I'm always keen to see what Kate Spade is serving up... it's always a joyful and fun mix of elegance, colour and cuteness - all things I like to aspire to and love in my life...


You may see me using shots of colour, stripes and spots in my own outfits, well, because it's a joy to wear! Now, I gotta get me some of them boots!!!

Who inspires you?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Frocktober Week 2:

Another set of seven days in my Frocktober Challenge, slightly belated...
I have pledged to pack my jeans away for a whole month and only wear frocks for the entirety of October - even better, I'll have a different one for each of the 31 days!


So, I'm hoping for your sponsorship to raise much needed funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation who are aiming to find an early detection test for this deadly disease, so that sufferers can be treated before it's too late.

As usual, I'll be sharing my frocks daily for the rest of October as I style it up, so check in regularly at Ninaribena Makes, and visit my Everyday Hero page to sponsor the action! As little as $10 can help!

Enjoy the show, and please be generous! xx

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Garage Sale: My place: Saturday!

So, what's going to be there? I'm glad you asked!
The 4 wire dining chairs, as seen in Home Beautiful Magazine! And my hand painted coffee table on wheels...

Bits of fabric stash, crafty bits, and glass vases...

Shoes and dresses, clothing that are magnificent, but don't fit me. Some awesome pendant lights that look a little like this...

Plus kid stuff like a baby car seat, high chair, toys etc...  and a few fabulous chairs...

Also, this rug...

We'll also have some more things coming from the trendy young things up the road, including quite possibly a bar fridge and more furniture... tell your friends and don't miss it! 
 I can also make my jewellery collection available on the day for anyone interested - let me know xxx

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Inspired By: Jonathan Adler

I've always love colour, but I've also always had a pathalogical hatred for curtains. That is, until I saw the way Jonathan Adler used them. I melt when I see these rooms by JA, the combination of bold pattern colour and elegance always inspires me...

I believe in surrounding yourself with stuff that means something to you.  I believe in bold gestures & strong colors. 
Perfection. xx